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3 ways to reduce back pain

It would be lovely if you could go to a therapist, lie down and 'get your spine clicked back into place' but in truth, that doesn't happen. Sure, manipulation can make you feel be...

Welcome to Eccles Physiotherapy and Pilates!


We are a friendly, family run clinic with many years of experience in treating  all types of injury and disability.

We have gained our experience in Ireland, England, Texas and California, working in hospitals and clinics including the prestigious San Francisco Spine Center.

We have a special interest in........

  • Back and neck problems,
  • Pilates (which we introduced to Newry in 2000),
  • Posture,
  • Sacro-iliac Dysfunction.

We feel we have more to offer you in these fields than other local clinics.

We have, of course, much experience in all musculo-skeletal and neurological problems.

  • We believe in listening to you and working methodically to find the cause of your problem.
  • We believe in explaining everything to you and working together with you to get the results you deserve.
  • We work gently. Physio shouldn't hurt!
  • We believe in teaching you to change old habits and prevent your problem from occurring again.

Prices are competetive.....

Initial evaluation and treatment ( 60 mins)  £40

Return appointments                    (60 mins)  £30   

Easy, free parking at the Clinic.                    


    • I had a very successful knee replacement at 42.  However, due to years of inactivity and some anxiety about not “wearing out” my new spare part I had never returned to a full active lifestyle. Thanks to The Eccles I was able to get the confidence to participate in Pilates classes and take up hill walking and am much fitter in my mid 50s than I was in my 20s. I feel I now have the full benefit of my knee replacement and my life has completely changed.  Lily and Steve make a great team with a very positive and supportive approach to physiotherapy. At all times I had confidence that I was getting safe and appropriate treatment.  This was done in a very caring and friendly way which made the whole process very enjoyable.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Eccles. 

    • I have suffered from chronic low back pain since I was injured in a collision in a football match as a teenager. I first attended Steve about 10 years ago. The injury was very debilitating at the time. With his help I was pain free within two weeks and was able to get back to an active life. He prescribed me a course of exercises to improve my core strength. He demands that you work as hard as he does to get good results. There is no cure for my problem but it occurs much less frequently and I can now go many months without it affecting me at all. I have never lost a day of work since I met Steve and I fully credit him with that.    

      Daniel Fitzpatrick
    • I fractured my spine in a fall in January 2013 and need physio on a regular basis to maintain mobility and assist with pain relief. I have been a patient of Steve's for a number of months now and the care I receive is outstanding. My doctors are convinced that the treatment I get at Eccles Physiotherapy has been a significant factor in helping me reduce my pain and mobilise again. As far as I am concerned, that is a major success.

      Garbhan McParland
    • Hi Steve,    I would just like to record my gratitude to you for " fixing " the issues with my right foot. Whilst  the pain and discomfort I was experiencing was an issue in itself this was overshadowed by the increasing curtailment of my mobility. Your healing hands , the provision of orthotics , liaison with my GP and home exercises all lead to the rapid solution of a health issue which had been troubling me for some months prior to contacting your practice.   I can again look forward to a full active retirement. Many thanks. Take best care Aidan